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30 Email Marketing Tips For Freelancers and Clients


Email Marketing is the best way to interact with due customers and are the biggest source of  successful marketing. This technique is always been successful but for some it becomes a headache due to which they couldn’t cope up their marketing brands and products decreasing sales and increasing stress.

The problems that usually persists for a marketer are

  • People avoid opening emails
  • They just don’t want to click anything
  • People are not buying or referring anything

Building email lists is quite easy for a classical blogger but to make the ends meet, A clear strategy should be used to write email marketing newsletter – Make them forced to open email even they aren’t putting interest!

Let’s see the 50 Email Marketing Tips to help you solving the Email Marketing problems.

  1. Be Specific: Never try to talk unnecessary as it could distract or alter a customer’s view. Be sure to be specific which emphasizes on customer to help promote or buy his/her product. This email marketing tip requires constant validation of subject!.
  2. Be User-TargetedMake your audience a family and talk everything which is related to customer, using their names quite frequently is the trick to personalize him increasing chances of a good reaction.
  3. Helping Hand: Never use words which make you the boss and personalize indifferent behavior in the newsletter. Try to make yourself a helping hand and mention problems of the subscriber and make a promise to solve them.
  4. Be frank and polite: Yeh, A formal tone is very important but the marketing experts recommend talking with your customers as you talk with your family. This golden marketing rule gives you more in return then you expected from a subscriber.
  5. Never try to Overload: The newsletter should be short and comprehensive which tends subscribers to read the whole. Mention every important aspect in brief so the goal could be achieved.
  6. Easy SignUp: Make it easy for visitors to sign up the newsletter. An unresponsive SignUp will detract visitors.  Make something which appeals or make a simple yet effective and goal achieving.
  7. Road Beggars are enough: Never try to beg for a share, to visit or buy. It gives a negative attitude towards the subscribers and this email marketing tip is considered to be the most important factor in deciding the professionalism.
  8. Writing for Yourself: Never write newsletter only when you want from subscribers. Engage them with weekly newsletter and interact with them freely via live chat. It will increase subscribers and user engagement in your website or newsletter.
  9. Write a compelling Subject: As for Gmail and other Messaging services, a starter line / first line of the first paragraph or the subject is shown which plays an important role in opening or ignoring the email.
  10. Subscribe Experts: To Learn and adopt the best practices, subscribe yourself to the major outclass newsletter around the web.
  11. Change your course: Never try to adopt the same pattern for your all newsletters, it becomes boring for subscribers. Adopt patterns which include visual appealing where required.
  12. Mention ‘You’: ‘You’ is one of the power words which is used by freelancers to attract clients and is the most persuasive word to persuade anyone for anything.
  13. Be Comprehensive: Try to make strong phrases and make it short for the subscribers. It impresses subscribers and helps to know the call-to-action clearly.
  14. Call to Action: Newsletter without proper call to action fails to achieve its goal. Including signals, phrases and persuasive words defines the best Call-to-Action example.
  15. Pace Control: Never try to rush or call for action immediately. For some it becomes a spam email and for some it engages well. Try to deliver in manner that first try to persuade, talk about good and excellent things about the subject and then apply a call-for-action phrase. This looks legit and seems appropriate.
  16. Harness Subject: Make your subject dipped with attractive coating. Tell advantages and things related to the subject which attracts the subscriber. Sell features, not the product. This is one of the popular email marketing tip and strategy.
  17. Remind your Subscribers: If the subject (product or content) needs a recall to the subscribers, email frequently to show the deadline reminders in order to attract the subscriber time by time till they are totally attracted.
  18. Don’t be yourself only: Make your readers engage in and respect you. This is achievable only when you are humble and tell subscribers that everything is because of you!
  19. Engaging Content: Try to include something engaging for subscribers like donating, manage events, ask for opinions, celebrate occasions etc. This makes you more and more responsive and a role-model of their interest.
  20. Play like a Pro: If you are frank, never try to reveal what makes you weak especially the subject authorities must avoid these things because it projects the weakness of your subject. Act or become a Pro in the subject, this attracts the people who are in search for a good content.
  21. Check Analytics: Keep an eye on the stats of the clicks, views etc. in order to notice the behavior of the subscribers and the reaction per newsletter. An eye on this will help you to keep a record and bring constructive changes in your do’s and don’ts
  22. Mobile-Ready: Make your email marketing newsletter mobile optimized too. The fact that mobile users are increasing day by day and one should never forget mobile optimization of its content and other resources.
  23. Preview and Test: Never try to relax when you finished spinning your mind in the content of the newsletter. Preview your newsletter by sending a copy to your own email address. Act like you have received an email from a person. Check out things like a subscriber and analyze the lacks and over-increments.
  24. Over Responsive :  Make sure to write newsletter when necessary. Over excitements can lead to disasters for the mailer including reported email as spam, deleted every time, spam replies or worse. Try to schedule your weekly, monthly and yearly newsletter.
  25. Give Bonus : Look at the coffee shops, weddings, parties and bars.. Everyone is providing something as starters or bonuses. It’s a great marketing strategy to give something for free like an e-book, shopping card or anything related to your subject. Subscribers are the biggest well-wishers of bonuses and extras. The prove is their checking of emails for freebies everytime – At least it applies to me!
  26. Design your Newsletter : Make your newsletter attractive yet simple and purposeful. You can hire any newsletter designer from 99designs or Fiverr .
  27. Personalization:You could personalize the behavior of important people in the newsletter and offering what they need… This helps when user-targeting some VIPs of your newsletter.
  28. Relativity: Mention snippets of things which are related to your subject. Same like ‘Related posts’ section in the blogs. This usually gives the variety and allows the subscriber to choose from which they love it.
  29. Multiple Opportunities: Try to sell your motive frequently where appropriate… This makes it easy for a person to apply or go for it easily.
  30. Be yourself: Try to develop the pace of your tone and force subscribers with your views to reply positively.


Try to follow these 30 Email Marketing tips and interact with your subscribers in order to increase trust, knowledge and love!. Try to be positive with intentions and I promise nothing will go wrong!

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of HowFreelance and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively. You can contact through his Google+ page, Facebook Page or through Twitter
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