A Guide For Depressed Freelance Living – 10 Shots!


Freelancing and making living out of it is not an easy job. You have to constantly look for the jobs, apply to each job, wait for a reply and work hours and hours to complete the job before the deadline.

The blog post is written for the people who are uninsured about making Freelance living in real and so they are feeling down. I can assure you that you will start freelancing as soon as you leave my blog after reading my post!



  1. Down Time Trade: Why are you wasting time when you have such golden opportunities around you? Why not to make money when you are feeling down? There are things which will help you constantly make money for your future.

There could be an option for people who waste time on gaming and chatting in their down time and that is ‘Reading’. Get download some great e-books to help you grow when you are feeling down!. Read blogs which are the source of mine down time too. Read something which will give you inspiration and help you stand again and force your body to type blog posts again.


  1. Inspire yourself: Get started with hanging out with inspirational people who could help you get inspired by their freelance living stories and solutions. Try to contact people having positive energies and are always the best source to change your mood anyhow and in any circumstances. I call them the real mood swingers


Many legendary people use to hangout and helped each other… Never let foolish things become hurdles in your goal! Help yourself.


  1. Move your ASS: It’s never been bad to move your ass while working but it’s the most important part and plays a key role in defining focus. Jump into something like eating, chit chat and anything which doesn’t divert your attention totally from your goal and make living out of it!


  1. Be Healthy: Health means wealth. Didn’t you focused on this quote before? It’s good to reduce your sleep, intake and chat but never try to overdo it!. If you think that’s wrong… Try for yourself and tell me.


  1. Communication Skills: Do you know the best part of a cover letter to the client is not only your portfolio or experience but the communication layers above all. Try to use some persuasive words (Download the eBook below). You want people to agree with you and positivity plays the major role in it.


  1. You are everything: Every human has his own world – I am talking about BRAIN. Yeh, with this you could do anything you think. Make yourself out of frustration and tiredness by moving on to new ideas. You have to invent ypur freealnce living strategies and then compete, this is the only way to play like a pro.


  1. Don’t hesitate to Try New Things: Sounds like einsteinly things but to achieve you have to move your legs and never hesitate to try new things. If you come up with your practical idea, implement in a best way to make a story of your success story of freelance living and by the way, the new things always brings new results so watch out!


  1. Follow the Classics: Classics means, not to jump directly to the finish line and it’s not possible though atleast it could be temporarily. Answer yourself to the following questions>>> Are you ready to compete the tide? Do you have enough skills and knowledge on how to reach the finish line? Do you have enough gas to gut your ups? Are you doing things the right way? Answer these question yourself and approach an expert to ask you too.


  1. Raise your voice: If you are getting everything right but the problem could persists in a situation when you know everything and others do not know everything. Use social media and design your own website to tell people that I too exist in this world. The best solution is to design or hire a designer to design you a portfolio website.


  1. Be consistent: Try to bury your negativity and laziness in the washroom. Make yourself consistent on anything you are doing. Schedule your time and you will be consistent in no time!



Surely, your aim requires steps to achieve it and the more you follow these steps correctly. The more you will be lined with success one after the other and your dream of ‘Freelance Living’ will come true!





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Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of HowFreelance and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively. You can contact through his Google+ page, Facebook Page or through Twitter
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