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What is Freelance and Steps to Freelance – A How Guide!


What People Think?

Certain misconceptions regarding a subject could lead to future problems, Not everything we see is actually what we saw so never rely on what actually the titles suggest, Say it a test of nature. Freelancing is considered to be:

  • Free as I mentioned, and so it doesn’t worth at all.
  • It is opposite of employers so no money no fame and no experience
  • Its easy and homey – Its easy as to eat

and many views according to the popularity or should say ignorance of the word ‘Freelance’.


What actually Freelance is?

Dictionary meaning:

A temporary worker working for someone including independent client or a company

In addition to it and in other words, Freelancer is anyone who could work for in return of money. Nowadays Internet is the hub of freelancing and a world of opportunities is creating a massive competition creating a big problem for the persons who wholly depends upon a physical job known as ‘Employed job’. In the case, one should use his abilities to find other useful ways and consider it as a secondary method to make money.

There are a lot of freelancing opportunities and the leading ones include web designing, graphic designing, marketing, data-typing and the list doesn’t end here. Its not as easy as it looks to find a job online at first therefore it requires more from a freelancer.


How-To Steps to Freelance

To start freelancing, there are some easy steps to freelance. Read them and follow as I directed. There is no shortcut to success but having a evil-genius brain. If you have one, stop and scroll upwards. Following are the steps to freelance.

1st Step: Make up your mind

Why I am here reading this? Answer it thoroughly and you will get the answer for yourself. If you are ready to learn, work several hours infront of computer, slap your precious time and have a mindset of what is your goal, then proceed safely.

2nd Step: What is your interest?

Open up a tab and search what you like. The things that grabs your attention is your interest for sure. Mark it down and make a list of them. Filter them until top 5. Arrange them accordingly and choose the top interest. Now, if you feel sorry for other guys then you shouldn’t because they could cost a life.

3rd Step: Search and Research

Search your topic and try to answer following questions:

  • Should I go for self-taught or had to take an admission in any school/institute?
  • Am I really ought for this?
  • What actually my subject requires?

Answering above will make your mind towards the next goal and step towards learning.

4th Step: Investment with Sacrifices

The most important step to freelance, This is the time and as the title suggest invest something which is always required to get in return something you hoped for. Redesign your schedule if you have one and come-up with a combination of free time and compromising one. Decide if you wan’t to be a self-taught or being schooled? Both needs investment and self-taught had to invest more than money for sure and is the main constituent to steps to freelance. If you aimed for a school, make a wise decision towards choosing a reputed school/institute/university.

Self-taught and schooled ones have to  invest money and time and sacrifice laziness and leisure.

5th step: Start Learning

Begin your learning, it could be heavy on you but if you continue it as a passion, it will help you bring more out of what others couldn’t. Help yourself by placing more consideration to what is being taught and what is being escaping. Try to put more and more questions to understand things which helps you to troubleshoot problems.


The end of the learning step starts a new chapter of how to freelance and is the whole of ‘Steps to Freelance’. Stay with me and I will deliver you what should be delivered for a success in freelancing.

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