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20 Best Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Web Designers


Browser, today isn’t much only a browser but a whole workspace for a web designer. Chrome, the most used browser of the world has some great apps and extensions to work with making life easier. As for a designer, there are some great chrome apps and extensions which allows a designer in his work of colors, shapes, cool other chrome apps and extensions and there is no limit and I am sure you will love it.

1. Gliffy Diagram chrome app

Gliffy Diagrams

One of the best chrome apps on earth is ‘Gliffy Diagrams’ which enables you to design diagrams, charts including flowcharts and mockups. It is an exceptional chrome app built on HTML5. It is recognized by PC Magazine and ZDNET.


2. Sumo Paint chrome app

Sumo Paint

One of the best chrome app editing tool is Sumo Paint. It is like a brother of Photoshop having numerous jaw-dropping features and consist of million of active community using this tool.


3. Coggle chrome app

Coggle Chrome App

Coggle is the best mind mapping chrome app which works with google drive and allow you to mind map your individual or company ideas, share it and collaborate with other people. It has some great nifty features too!


4. Gradient Creator chrome app

Gradient Creator Chrome App

A chrome app which works offline too. Gradient Creator is one the best chrome apps which allows you to design your own gradient with the help of drag n drop GIMP. A very handy tool when a gradient has to be exported from internet to your Photoshop!


5. Color Sphere chrome app

Color Sphere Chrome App

Color sphere allows you to create color schemes, harmonizing colors, adjust color settings, advanced color settings and feature to export your color in hex or other format into your favorite software!


6. Wunder list chrome app

Wunder list Chrome App

Wunder list is an awesome chrome app as it help a designer to manage his daily design tasks. In addition to it. It features includes syncing your local timing, sorting out works with priority, a great interface design and whats not. There are hundreds more and you will love it for sure!


7. Psykopaint chrome app

Psykopaint Chrome Apps

Psykopaint is a beautiful chrome app designed for painting pictures into a whole new level. There are brushes which will enhance your photos and adjust it by tweaking colors and pixels to make it according to your standards and demands. This is one of the best apps I ever saw.


8. Lucid Chart Diagrams chrome app

Lucid Chart Diagram

Another drawing tools and great chrome app for designer to draw out charts, tables, diagrams, mind maps and others. The app is mentioned on TechCruch and GigaOM too.


9. Page Ruler chrome extension

Chrome extension ruler

This is an amazing chrome extension tool for web designers when measuring pixels or measuring things on the web. This tool does it all providing great measurement features and is exceptionally powerful. Just drag the space around and look at the bar for pixels or any measurement.


10. Icon Smash chrome app

icon Smash

A designer is always in a search of great icons and this chrome app lets you select icons from thousands of icons in a library. All the icons are free to use and they are more rich in pixels and handy when designing mockups!


11. Perfect Pixel chrome extension

Pixel Perfect extension

Perfect Pixel is a dream come true chrome extension. It allows a designer to copy a design layout from an existing website. Its very simple, it just overlay the website and help you design one on the existing image with perfection. It has features to measure and draw according to your perception and demands.


12. Fluid UI chrome app

Fluid UI chrome App

An awesome mobile mockup UI design chrome app that helps you prototype and wire frame your app online. It has some great customizing features which will help you design a dream mockup. Its library includes hundreds of widgets to use in the mocukup and linking your pages for a complete working mokup for your client!


13. Lucid Press Lyout and Design chrome app

Lucid Press Layout Design chrome app

Th best chrome app for designer who wants to design flyers, brochures, photobooks and newsletter layouts. This app will expel all your worries for trending layouts by providing pre-made trending layouts for you to design it and edit with for exceptional print designs!


14. DownFlickr chrome extension

DownFlickr chrome extension

A flickr website based chrome extension which help you find photos from flickr, providing exceptional features of downloading them or downloading the whole photo sets! There are other features too. Go check it out.


15. AutoDesk 123D Design chrome app
AutoDesk 123D Chrome App

Is it hard to learn AutoDesk? The this chrome app is built for you. Design 3D models from your browser. You doesn’t need a autodesk knowledge to design those 3D graphics but there are some graphical based tools to design what you wanted or ever dreamed of and use it in your projects!


16. Responsive Web Design Tester chrome app

RWD TESTER extension

It solves your responsive check problem by proving amazing features to see a website in different screens including Iphone and other. It doesn’t render the webpage as a mobile does but a handy thing for a designer to measure out pixels and layout thing!


17. Button Generator chrome app

Button Generator chrome app

Wanna need a fast button making solution then here it is. By far, the most recognizable chrome app which helps you csutomize your button with dozen of settings including changing colors, Background, shadows and other cool features!


18. Color Zilla chrome extension

Color Zilla chrome Extension

Although I should mention this invaluable chrome extension on the top but yeh, its great to have it here too. ColorZilla enables you to pick any colorf rom the webpage and and provide you with its unique hex code! Alternatively helps you to select the color which you wanted. In addition to it, it also has palette browser and gradient generator too!!


19. IcoMoon chrome app

Icomoon chrome app

Ever felt lonely with vector icons for your webpage? Its very easy now to select from the best vector icons and implement it in your design. You could also alter them and make it as you wanted!. A dream chrome app!


20. Type Zebra chrome app

Type Zebra chrome apps

Test your icons from your browser app. Look how a font would look like and which will turn into a great typography material for my webpage. Type Zebra is a great thing to test out your content and make it ready for your mockups!

I am sure, if you love this, then read this: 50 Best Fonts for your Web Design!

These are enough chrome apps and extensions for your mockup design which will turn out as a valuable source for your current and upcoming designing projects! You will certainly pray for me then… These were some of my handpicks and they are really turn out and time saving for a designer. I hope a better luck for your future! Please make it available for others too.. Share it!

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of APL and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively.
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  • TyPo Oct 17,2014 at 8:29 pm

    What a post! I have only 2 of them and I will surely download others too!!

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    Lucid Charts are just awesome to work with. It provides ease with when working with graphics and adjusting pixels with posts ;D.. BTW, thanks for the list! Cheers

  • Reklama Oct 17,2014 at 6:30 pm

    Wow! Love it @Abrar… I think photos are not appearing in firefox!

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