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9 Web Design Tips to a Successful Win in a Freelance Web Design Contest


When the thoughts arises to make a smart income as a contest designer, one would think of competing in a competition worth of $500+ prize money. Some try to compete, few receives a good feedback and only 1 receives the prize money. One of the major reasons of loosing or at least not receiving a feedback is due to lack of understanding of the key points while competing in a freelance web design con test or project.

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate web design contest or project and to fulfill the demands of the web design contest holder and its project. Today, I will mention some minor and major aspects of a win-win situation in every kind of web design project. Whether the project needs a clean mockup design, an icon design, a logo design or any other project aspects, you will surely be eligible to compete like a pro in every web design contest. Consider some points below:


1. Knowledge of web design contest


One of the major facts of under rated competition by a freelance web designer is the lack of knowledge over web design. Ofcourse, you are very aware of what you are doing and the reason of competing in that competition is also due to your some knowledge over web design required for particular design contest but the game becomes too hard to play when you aren’t prepared to compete the web design contest specialists. So, to compete in a manner to achieve a good feedback needs your skills being furnished for particular project and of course has some greater potential to pose threat to other competitors.


2. Understanding the requirements

Many of the freelance web designers try so hard to make a good thing and it returns nothing but a void() and some pretends or just making them realize that they know everything about the requirements. Unfortunately they are making fools of themselves and can never achieve what they wanted in their life.

Starting before reading what web design contest or graphic design contest holder is a foolish act and one must avoid it. What does that mean? Every person reads the requirements but cannot get what client wants. The purpose of the whole of the project is hidden in the keywords of the contest holder and one must make it a thorough read to understand what design contest holder wants and what things he/she don’t like in it.

For a successful understanding of the requirements, a web designer must be capable to understand the flow of the language and mark down the keywords of the requirements.


3. Do a Research


You are now close to understanding what the web design contest holder wants but to bumping into Google makes you more vigilant in understanding the requirements further and to make it easy, just put down the major special keywords of design contest holder and find related terms, ideas, concepts and trends. This will make you stand bravely in the competition.


4. Selecting the right tools

Right tools for right work is the method for everything successful and to become successful in a web design contest concept, a designer must use tools which are appropriate for a particular projects. Until and unless, you aren’t assure what to use, don’t start it blindly. For example, a design contest holder wants a vector icon for a shopping cart, so in the case Photoshop wouldn’t be the best solution to design a vector in a design contest. Lets consider example: If a client said that he wants a landing page mockup then you shouldn’t be going for an adobe illustrator until and unless clients states this in its design contest description. Be smart!

5. Brainstorming ideas

When you are all set with understanding the requirements and a sufficient research regarding the particular web design contest or graphic design contest or competition, you now just have to combine all the ideas, concepts and innovation into a piece of paper. At large when you have to consider different kinds of aspects its more than better to jotted down the ideas and make it safe for use while you are designing. To brainstorm in an effective manner and make it a rich material further use, make columns defining the design contest requirements, topic selection, research paper, ideas/concepts and inspiration. Brainstorming helps you understand the nature of web design contest project in large and when you sum up the whole, you can deduce the key things which are frequently mentioned in the columns.


6. Blue print

blue print

This is the most deceived part of a successful web design contest concept which actually defines the project. We humans are all nuts and we need a wider scope to know what we are actually doing. You cannot start making a website design for a design contest or competition without mentioning yourself that hey, what I am up to? You will always suffer when you are not making a blue printing your part of the project. If I am competing in a logo design concept then after following those above steps, I would select that how a logo should be looking before it’s designed in a digital format. This would look frustrating but actually its the most dedicated part of the design contest when designers try hundreds of combinations and come up with some great and unique ideas, these ideas are generated only through your blue print of the project.

7. Design your digital project

It’s the time of designing your digital product which you started at first in the past but it’s actually on the 7TH STEP!!. You have actually solved all your problems and now, you just have to start putting the blue print and brainstorming into a final product which will be showed to your design contest or competition holder.

8. Don’t Cheat

There are people who submit pre made ideas and templates to the web design contest holders and thought the design contest holder is from the caves. You actually forgets what I am, I f I am web designer then I should make up my own thing with all of my efforts. Cheating in design contest is in the norm and are very well-recognized by a design contest holder. You never try to duplicate the styles of pre made logo, website or other templates and making out a one which you thought unique but ends with failure always.

9. Be polite and Ask

There are certain times when you couldn’t understand the requirements of the design contest holder due to their lack in clarity or comprehension. Then, you must be polite and ask for a further clarification notice. You should mention what things you think is lacking in the design contest description.

Make sure to follow each and every web design tips in order to get a success in a web design contest. If you cannot decide where to go for online web design contest then consider following popular:

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Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of HowFreelance and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively. You can contact through his Google+ page, Facebook Page or through Twitter
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