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1. Gagalin Comic Free Font

gagalin free font

Download the best comic free font of this month! An exceptional typeface free font Gagalin is such a nice typography that really makes you feel good. A pure 100% comic font designed by Iordanis Passas is literally the best comic free font I’ve ever saw and downloaded. You should also try this free font for your web design project..


2. Anders (Free Font) Freebie

anders-free-fontThis is an experimental project designed by Tom Anders Watkins. There should be a premium freebie for our loyal visitors and so this is it!. Using influences from modern free font design, Tom designed minimal and a little unique free font, here’s the result. Feel free to use it commercially or personally, just let me know how you use it!


3. Close free vintage hand font

close-free-hand-fontIf you want a serious vintage free font then Bowery Studio design has designed a close font which really makes it totally different from others. If you are designing a website mockup for your latest web design then you must use it to make your web design trendy, clean and modern! Make sure to love it! 🙂


4. Sunday Free Font

Sunday Free font on BehanceVintage free font are so much popular and this one is totally outclassed!. Sunday free font designed by Anastasia Dimitriadi is really good looking and using heavy bold typeface making it usable both for body and heading. The type is really crisp and enjoyable. I personally recommend using this font for your next web design project!. Use it with ease!


5. Blenda Script – Freebie Font

Blenda Script Free Font on Behance3Blenda Script is a free experimental free font inspired by lobster font, a bold vintage script and can be used for various purposes. Such as news, posters, logos, badges etc. Please feel free to download this cool freebie!. Designed by Seniors Studio.


6. Higher typeface – Freebie Font

Higher - Freebie fontHigher Font is a superb free font having long character typeface and has some great attributes for best typography for premium projects! Higher is a free font made for a student project containing characters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Available for free commercial and personal use (TTF/OTF). This is designed by Marisa Passos.


7. SIMPLIFICA Typeface Font Freebie

SIMPLIFICA Typeface font freebie psd file4

SIMPLIFICA Typeface is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by a uniform and thin line width. Its high positioned capsheight and ascended favours legibility. A fine, simple and clear free font.

Designed by K A I W A


8. BARON (Free type family) Font Freebie

BARON Font Freebie psd fileBaron is a free uppercase display typeface inspired by the classic sans-serif font family. This typeface is, because of his many alternative options, perfect for usage in posters and headlines.

Please feel free to download this freebie psd file

Designed by Frank Hemmekam and Fontfabric


9. Jaapokki – Freebie Font

Jaapokki Free Font on Behance2Jaapokki is free font with 2 alternatives and large set of glyphs. A great piece of art designed with detailed structure of Uppercase and Lowercase. The glyphs are carefully and structured with a unique approach. I certainly love the dedication in this work. Thanks to Mikko Nuuttila Must download this free font!


10. AVENTURA FREE FONT – Freebie typeface

AVENTURA Free Typeface on Behance2Free font for personal and commercial use.. This font has interesting pattern and symmetry and is perfect for headlines. The free font reflects the modern style of writing with a little crisp which makes it perfect as a unique and a new free font for your next design! Enjoy and Cheers! The font is designed by ‘Jimmy Kalman‘.


11. SUNN Handwriting Free Font Freebie

sunn-free-handwriting-font-freebie3A free handwriting font, created by Rit Creative team – Gatis Vilaks and Krišj?nis Mežulis.
They created a handwriting font which would still be a little bit “clumsy” but with a strong construction underneath.
This is a great decorative free font for headlines, names and short descriptions.

Please feel free to download this free font.


12. John Joe Free Font

john-joe-free-fontBest modern and highly geometric defined free font designed by Ion Lucin. The font has some terrific and unique typeface and has the potential to outclassed the popular free fonts of the earth. His work is really appreciable and is worth downloading a beautiful free font.


13. Strata Logo & corporate identity

freebie psd file Strata Logo & corporate identity2The font is pixel-perfect having awesome type face.

” Strata ” – engineering company . The basis of the sign was to take an object that can serve as a symbol of the engineer – the compass and the first letter of the company name . Served as the inspiration for the style Blue Drawings – blue print.

Designed by Vitaly Stepanenko and Anton Akhmatov.


14. Accent™ Display Typeface Freebie

Accent™ Free Display Typeface on BehanceAccent is an awesome pointed typeface free font having some classic looks and a modern touch. It’s free for commercial use display typeface designed by Nelson Balaban.

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