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Tattoo Fonts: Best 24 Free Tattoo Font Designs

best free tattoo designs

best free tattoo designs

Among the popular font categories, Tattoo fonts are the most searched, loved and downloaded around the world. Specially, the designers around the world are searching for it in order to integrate those fonts in their work and some of them wants fonts for tattoo lettering, maybe for enjoyment or their regular customer work.

Although, tattoo fonts are the most loving fonts on the planet, yet there are hundreds of different fonts for tattoos around the web. It includes cursive tattoo fontsscript tattoo fontstattoo writing fontstattoo lettering fontscalligraphy tattoo fontstattoo fonts for men and women and many more. Enjoy the ride of 40 free and premium tattoo fonts and download them on their respective sites.

1. Pentagon Lettering Font

Pentagon Lettering Font

It is a decorative tattoo lettering font inspired with west. It uses a great combination of letter stretching and line-height to make it a perfect tattoo font for headlines and logo types. Free for personal usage with 65 characters in ttf format.

2. Batter Up Retro Font

Batter Up Retro Font

A retro serif font themed on baseball shirts. I recommend this using in baseball shirts and marketing sports campaigns. Free for personal use. 62 characters available with ttf format only.

3. Blessed Day Font

New Blessed Day Tattoo Font

Inspired with the blenda scipt, this cursive tattoo font has great curves and could be used with decorated tattoo designs. 70 characters are available for usage in otf format. Free for personal use only.

4. Candy Inc. Font

Cadny Inc. Font

Another cursive tattoo font for you. Free to use for personal projects. 89 characters available.

5. Diamond Dust Font

Diamond Dust Font

This free noncommercial cursive font is inspired with the old letter types but could be used with modern tattoo designs as well. Available in ttf format.

6. Ruca Script Font

Ruca Script Font

A great calligraphy script tattoo lettering font developed in 4 years. This one of the detailed and carefully crafted fonts I have ever seen. Buy it here. It has about 400 characters both in ttf and otf format.

7. Cool Axion Ser Headline Font

Cool Axion Ser Headline Font

A glowing tattoo lettering ‘AXION’ brings the typography to its next level. It is a high quality font and best fit for logotypes, headlines etc. Available in otf format. Buy it here.

8. American Brewery Font

American Brewery Font

Inspired with a tattoo lettering on a bottle, this script tattoo font is one of the best fonts I have ever saw. Available in otf format only. Buy it here.

9. Tattoo Shop Vintage Font

Tattoo Shop Vintage Font

A vintage tattoo font  free for personal usage. Available in otf format.

10. True Love Tattoo Font

True Love Tattoo Font

A simple script typography font great for headlines! Free for personal usage..

11. MF Wedding Handwriting Tattoo Font

Wedding Bells Tattoo Font

An awesome cursive tattoo font is free for personal usage. It has 302 characters in ttf format. Its elegance and curves are just unique!

12. Soul Of Holitter Alternative Font

Soul of Holitter Tattoo Font

A great dark Halloween inspired free font for you. The font is free for only personal use. It is packed with 239 characters/glyphs with ttf format. Enjoy!

13. VTKS Core Font

VTKS Core Tattoo Font

A great stitched decorative name tattoo font having 52 characters to use. It is free for personal use with ttf format.

14. Skittles n Beer NF Font

Skittles and Beer NF Tattoo Font

An awesome handlettering free font inspired from a 1929 brochure. This awesome tattoo lettering font is a perfect fit for headlines. It’s free for personal use, packed with 216 characters and in otf format.

free for personal use, 216 characters, ttf and otf format

15. Tribal Font Family

Tribal Tattoo Font

Inspired with vintage typography, this tattoo lettering font has something special. It’s free for both personal and commercial use. This font is packed with 216 characters in ttf format.

16. Bombora Font

Bombora Tattoo Font

A name tattoo font titled on ‘surfing’. This spectacular font is a best fit for headlines. The package has 160 characters in otf format. Free for personal use.

17. Sentinel Font

Sentinel Tattoo Font

A great looking calligraphy script tattoo font inspired with ancient ornaments. I love the curves at the edges of this type. Download this 52 characters in ttf format and use it freely for commercial based projects.

18. Rothenburg Decorative Font

Rothenburg Decorative Tattoo Font

Another calligraphy script tattoo font for calligraphers. This cool tattoo could be used with decorative writings. This commercial font has 194 characters having ttf format alphabets/glyphs.

19. VTKS Rock Garbage Band Font

VTKS Rock Garage Font

A grunge lettering tattoo font best for headlines. This free for personal use licensing font has 52 characters in ttf format.

20. VTKS Tattoo Font Family

VTKS Tattoo Font

This perfect script tattoo for men is grungy, scary and a best fit for large tattoo type designs. This is free for personal usage only. Get your 52 characters font package in ttf format now!

21. VTC Bad Tattoo Hand One Font

VTC Bad Tattoo Font

This non-commercial calligraphy script tattoo font has the ability to describe the emotions and sensitivity or you could say it as a girly tattoo font. Moreover this package includes 226 characters in both ttf and otf format.

22. Sailor’s Fat Tattoo Script Font

Sailors Script Tattoo Font

This natural occurring fat line script tattoo font is one of the unique typerfaces I have ever seen. This font occurs naturally and has a clear projection of a handwriting tattoo font for sure. This font is free for personal use only. The package has 52 characters in ttf format.

23. Tattoo Girl FW Font

Tatto Girl FW Font

An awesome girly tattoo font mainly describing the world of women. Free for personal use only with 100 characters and in ttf format.

24. New Rocker

New Rocker Tattoo Font

A loud and harsh script tattoo font having traits of acting both as a paragraph and headline. Font is free for commercial usage. It has 442 characters in otf format.

free for commercial use, 442 characters, otf format.

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