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Windows 10 UI UX Design Trends

As the windows 10 has been launched throughout the globe and the most importantly, according to Microsoft 14 million people are currently updated to Windows 7 trial. Since the Windows 10 has launched, people from different principles have started researching on the newer things that Microsoft has introduced in the newer Windows version.

I was into this and collected some critical data that how web design principle could get some advantage from Windows 10 user interface and Windows 10 user experience.

Microsoft Windows, A Friend of Web Design

Since the web platform was launched, website’s user interface and its user experience was deeply impressed upon how the user interacts with its local desktop. Hence, everything that resides today in a website is a derivative of the user interface and user experience of a Microsoft windows user

The use of navigation, scrolling, use of icons, multiple pages for a website, use of sidebar, tooltips, lightbox e.t.c are the things derived from the Microsoft Windows user interface.

Windows 10 and Flat Design

Yeh, Microsoft continued to support the Flat design user interface (UI) after its successful launch of flat designs in Windows Phone. People loved the new trendy design and its evolved accessibility to enhance the user experience.

Flat UI design is now the most popular concept among web designers and thus most of the websites today are more or less implementing flat designs just like what windows 8 but now Windows 10 version has implemented the flat UI design as its core concept aka implementing fully in every layer of the Windows 10 including from Windows 10 colors and shapes to windows 10 UI icons and app structure.

Well, I’m not 100% sure about this but we would surely see evolutionary web designers implementing the flat designs in its core. This means the faster websites working on every possible device due to its flat rigid support for grids.

User Experience Design Evolved

Most of us think that Microsoft is evolving on the web design standards and this is absolutely wrong. Wonder many features in website today including the concept of website responsiveness was introduced in early 20’s when Windows was working on its intuitive Windows XP.

Well, windows 10 is the best example to understand the evolving trendy web design concepts and there is a lot to learn more about the user experience design as well. There are tens of updates in Windows 10 that Microsoft has learned from the user experience of the Windows mobile users and thus they have implemented them in Windows 10 and its apps including the new browser – Microsoft Edge.

Some of the unique updates in UX design includes;

1. Tablet mode – distraction free experience:

Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Touch laptop users would surely love this feature or I think they would abandon their tablets (It’s a joke to be serious with). Clicking and dragging, bringing up new apps and sliding to exit the apps looks much of easier in Windows 10. Web Designs can learn how to create a simple and clean interface and bringing different pages live to have an ability to be dragged.

One thing that Microsoft has really focused on in regard to user experience design is the feature of distraction free user experience and that said, tablets are more of a great example why Windows 10 would like to have the same experience in their desktop Windows 10 too. Although Responsive web designs are doing a pretty work in distraction free reading experience for small devices, but many of the web designs are still missing the distraction free option for tablet readers.

2. Smooth scroll – jerk/jagged free experience

Microsoft has really put its utmost efforts to bring up the smooth scrolling experience in a natural way. Microsoft edge which is more in evolutionary than the same old classic browsers. Smooth scrolling is one thing that every web designer must implement in their web designs. It ensures a proper correlation of sight and brain while scrolling especially for small screen readers (Tablet/Phones).

3. Simple icons – improved accessibility

Simple UI icons in Windows 10

Although Responsive web designs trends has solved much of the problems associated with the accessibility still many of the web designs lack the ability to express the meaning of the important icons in the website. Although there are no standards to these but would you love it if any user avoids clicking an important weird-looking icon – A UX design nightmare? Microsoft bets for the simplicity and it has used the simplest line UI icons to represent the simplest actions too.

4. Smooth transitions – Realistic experience

Microsoft Windows 10 has worked with window transitions too. They are now more smooth, fast and intuitive. Web Designs must look into their extra imposed transitions in the website which doesn’t only makes the website slower but more of a circus where user enjoys what he wasn’t there for. This is totally against the user experience design.

The smoother transition is an important part in the mobile websites as well. Mobile uses the least resources to load a website and the browser uses the most of that least resources. With that said, stuffing Javascript with unrealistic transitions may lead to user abandoning your website.

Google is also looking for a gigantic revolution to solve this problem. Ever heard of the “Material design“?

5. Solid color and minimal resource usage lead to faster user experience

Solid colors in Windows 10

What is better than the faster speeds? Windows 10 has clearly abandoned the stylish usage of icons, gradients, supporting non-necessary plugins and resources and focusing on one thing; the faster windows for everyone. Windows 10 is way faster than its ancestors. Web designers should look into this because users are more likely to stay and share the stuff where they have what they are looking for. So concentrating on content is what makes it the king of website referrals.

Google has even threatened the slower websites of likely to be ranked lower than the faster websites. So in this alarming situation one should look for the ways to tune websites using fewer resources and displaying the important part of the websites to the visitors.

6. Ultra Responsive – abandon the screen resolution restriction with grid


Windows 10 as using the flat UI design concept has naturally using the pixel grid to perform faster and exceptionally responsive to different screens. There are a lot of alignment ideas right in the Windows 10 which would help the web designers to design sleek and responsive UX designed websites in a new way.

Your take on the topic?

Web Design UI and UX both got revolutionized in Windows 10. It is sleek, simple, fast and more user-friendly more than ever. We should look for the new options Microsoft has brought it into
What are your thoughts about the newer Windows 10 and its UI? Would it be beneficial for web designers to implement web designs in a more intuitive way?

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of APL and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively.
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