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Google’s New Logo: A Brief Design Analysis


Today, when we all typed google on our address bar and hit enter or just landed automatically to our most likely homepage, there was something unusual thing landed that for the time being looked like something Google and hell yeah, its Google but its not the old one.

Google Logo History

Google has now launched its newest logo using a sans-serif typeface and as I mentioned about the Microsoft’s Windows 10 flat design approach, Google also continued to like the flat winds of design. Google’s new logo is basically an extension to its old logo but that the font changed and there is a minimal change of the color hex code (Dark to Light colors).




3D to 2D Flat

Google’s approach to flat design which they termed as “Material design” is clearly what Google and its subsidiary products are looking for. The old logo as you saw above was a typical Georgia type Serif and has a 3D shape in it. Yeh, it worked absolutely in 19’s but the material design trend is in and most of the products including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Cloud etc all are now redesigned to follow the new standards laid down by the material design team of Google.



Google’s new logo has a new font called “Product Sans” tailored by designers at Google inc. The new logo has a least letter spacing as compare to the previous logo and due to its sans serif capability is scalable to all devices clearly revealing the essence of the original standard sized logo.



Well, the color scheme remains the same but of course the important part the flat aka material design must be depicted and so there is no blah blah of gradient and things like that. The colors used are certainly primary i.e Red, Green and Yellow but according to Kedar that Google’s approach to an indifferent company depicts the use of a secondary color ‘Green’ too. As a note Green colors goes to the letter ‘l’ in Google.. The tallest letter among other letters.


Logo Animation

According to Googleblog, the mission of Google’s diversified products seen on every possible device today and yet the appreciation what makes the logo with a new guide. And Google didn’t stopped here but rather than make it actually alive by making the logo animated to resemble the transition of the Google’s assets to the new Alphabet company owned by the same owners as of Google.


As a designer I would like to say that this above transition has a meaning behind it. Well, the animation would work as of a loading process in Google products but the 4 circles and their transition to the new logo defines the mobility of the Google products in various devices jointly forms the Google, the company.


Google’s multi-colored letter ‘G’

The iconic ‘g’ is now replaced with a multi-colored ‘G’. The same 4 colors are used i.e Red, Orange, Green and Blue.

Google multi colored G in Google Logo

The new logo is in its essence depicts the dawn of the modern era of Technology where Google stands at the top and is leading not only the search engine part which is almost used by every human on Earth but the fact that Google’s assets now belongs to the company ‘Alphabet’ owned by the Larry Page and Sergey Brin to clean up the management mess at Google, on the other hand invoking their influence on their other subsidiaries other than Google internet products like Nest, Calicio, Google X, Google Ventures etc.



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