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Ps Review: PSD Cleaner Extension by MadeBySource

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What if we are creating an extra-ordinary graphic on Adobe Photoshop and it feels like something gets messy around while working on it. The worst part which becomes a deadlock and it’s actually pretty boring to fix it up is management of layers!


Photoshop Layers Management:

What could be more worsen when the graphic you’re drawing is stuffed with meaningless empty, non-named and exceptionally lost in the annoying non-named sub groups. It would take hours to fix it up by naming them individually, deleting the empty layers and lots of other issues manually.


MadebySource is a startup who specializes in developing various Adobe Photoshop extensions, among which an extension called as PSD Cleaner would help you to clean up your PSD files with ease. It is compatible with Photoshop CC 14.1 and higher versions.


How PSD Cleaner Works?

PSD Cleaner is a product of MadebySource popular for building various extensions and tools. PSD Cleaner, which is one of the best plugin/extension of its kind is a fixer for messy layers. It does it by managing the layer work for you, sparing your time and focus on more important things. It scans your PSD file and simply list down the errors and warnings generated based on the current PSD file.


Technically, just open up your psd file or make a new one. Click on the windows panel -> extensions and then click PSD Cleaner. It would show up in the right sidebar panel. The PSD Cleaner icon would be activated. Just click the refresh button and the PSD Cleaner will analyze all the layers detecting and generating list of errors and warnings. Go for the error by clicking on it and it would take you to the respective layer on which the error generated. Follow the instruction according to the nature of the error.


You can also watch an introductory video explaining the features of the PSD Cleaner.


PSD Cleaner Features

PSD Cleaner is a smart extension which detects and fixes:

  • empty layers
  • layer naming problems
  • Unnecessary large text bounding boxes
  • non whole size pixel values
  • long text problems
  • CSS export errors
  • Text layer transformation problems
  • document bound problems


Putting it down to test:

We feel the pain when the buyer doesn’t get what the company claims so I foremost got a trial from the company and here were some results:


Testing Environment:

  • Windows 10
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.0.0 release


1. Reliability 6/10:

Well, the score shows that there are some glitches in the software. I put it into test by opening up a pre-made psd files in my Windows 10 and it did work pretty smoothly. I then tried to make up a new psd file from scratch, added in it some layers and simulated errors of which the company claims to solving them. They won it, and it detected all the real errors which I made up myself in the layers panel.


Glitches and Solutions:

Glitch #1: When I tried to make a new psd file and added in it some layers, the extension had a glitch of showing up the message: “Open the psd file to use the cleaner”.

PSD Cleaner Photoshop Extension

Solution: Just save up your new psd and re-open up your Adobe Photoshop. Go to your window panel, point your cursor on the extension and click the PSD Cleaner. It would then work as you thought.


Glitch #2: I tried to simulate errors and each time I clicked the psd cleaner to check for the problems, it detected but suddenly, the bug appeared and it got stuck on the message: “Validating”.

PSD Cleaner bug Photoshop CC

Solution: Just re-open up your Software. It would then work for you smoothly.


2. Cost Effectiveness 9/10:

Well, as compare to other extension publishers, MadebySource has a pretty nicer price for the customers and by looking at its exceptional error detecting and solving capability. It sure is priceless. Apart from its glitches, which I know would be solved in its first update, I would pretty go much with it as it is one of the unique extensions against it competitors. It just costs $15.

3. Ease of use 8/10:

Using this Photoshop CC extension is pretty much same like just clicking and voila the errors are solved. One thing which attracted me of this extension is its capability to solve errors and detecting layers by clicking on a respective error. It pretty much go straightforward and it doesn’t need a brainy science to understand this plugin on the first place.

4. Support 9/10:

MadeBySource is providing optimum support via zendesk ticket messaging service. You could also check out the faq section of the plugin to understand more about the plugin/extension.


Thank you so much for reading out the review.. I would surely keep an eye on the updates and the latest versions of this extension. Want some more of the reviews for other tools and extensions?



Do you have tried PSD Cleaner? and Is there anything I missed out in the review? Catch me up via the comment section. I would really like to hear your experiences with the extension?



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