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Top 15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Freelance Design Jobs in 2016

Freelance Jobs for Designers and Developers

What could be more awesome than acquiring a freelance web design or graphic design job and work from home?

Who wants to suffer in 9 to 12 jobs when you could do the same and earn more right from your home? There are hundreds of freelance outsource websites that receives thousands of web/graphic design jobs per day looking for freelancers to deliver them right from their comfort zone.

I believe that the following 15 freelance jobs are the best and the top rated freelance design platform s to hire or apply as a freelance designer or developer.

~ Fast Company reported:

As of May 2015, 15.5 million people in the U.S. were self-employed.

This explains that how much the inclination is towards the freelance design job platforms to bid for a job or hire a freelancer. Lets see if the following freelance design sites would work for you in this Year 2016.

1. Toptal

Toptal Freelance Website

In at No.1 comes the authority of freelance web design and graphic design work and the most trustful freelance website. Toptal is ranked at the top because they are doing what the conventional freelance outsource companies should have focused in the past i.e providing 100% quality services.

Toptal is awesome because it prefers exceptional freelancers who stands out and have a competitive edge over other freelancers.

Toptal receives thousands of applications in a month and only 3% of the quality freelance web designers and graphic designers are hired by Toptal. This creates a high profile environment both for the freelancers and clients to make a deal for multiple large scale projects.


2. Upwork

Upwork Freelance Design and Development Website

One of the most reliable and the popular freelance outsource platform after Toptal is Upwork. Companies like OpenTable, Pinterest, Panasonic and Unilever hires the most potential and competitive freelancers via Upwork.

Well, from last few months, Upwork has introduced a new feature in which it introduces potential clients to hire the top freelancers in the web design, web development and other categories and subjects. This is the best way to look out for the quality web designer or developer which actually cuts the time and money to search the best out of the large database of quality freelancers at Upwork.

According to Upwork, 4M+ clients has registered to provide freelance jobs to about 10M+ registered freelancers. This would be the greatest opportunity a freelance web designer or graphic designer could avail here at Upwork.

The freelance designer jobs at Upwork are distributed into 2 categories i.e the fixed price which is protected by escrow payments and the hourly jobs which is secured by a desktop tracking software which tracks down the hours and take snaps of the screenshot of the current window in which a freelancer is working. This helps the client to track the freelancer commitment and behavior for the current job.

Upworks stats


3. Freelancer

Freelancer Jobs for design and development

The most popular freelance design job site among freelance graphic designers and developers is Freelancer.com which brags for having the largest Marketplace and outsourcing freelance design jobs in a single platform.

Freelancer.com has a great deal of categories of freelance jobs including freelance web designer / graphic designer work which makes it easier for the freelancer to apply for the job in their respective skill category.

One thing which makes Freelancer.com stand out from the competitors is its variety of vast categories of freelance design jobs which grabs a vast audience from every possible field to work as a freelance. No matter, what are you skilled at, there would be freelance work for you.

Freelancer also offers competitions related to web design and development work which is normally bid from $100 for a simple logo to $1000+ for a graphic design work. Same applies for a normal site and large-scale web/app development respectively.

Freelancer also comprises of a feature to search for local clients. This feature is introduced for the people who are seeking freelance work from their brotherhood within boundaries as it helps in communication, understanding and the delivery of the exact result a client wants from a freelancer.


4. Elance

Note: Elance is now an Upwork company


5. Stack Overflow Freelance Jobs

Stackoverflow careers for design jobs

Who hasn’t heard about the Stack Overflow yet? Well, if you haven’t heard, then I will let you know that Stack Overflow is a Q/A based forum where designers and developers interact with each other, asking questions and answering/debating answers.

If you’re an experienced freelancer and has skills to work for large scale companies then Stack Overflow should be the right choice to apply for a freelance web developer job remotely. Stack Overflow has a great deal of freelance jobs offered by some great companies.

Stack Overflow has a systematic approach to apply for a freelance job i.e it offers a feature to create a CV which is then processed by the Stack Overflow team which considers the CV and matches you with the client related to your skills.

Stack Overflow comprises of world’s largest companies estimating about 1000+ like Microsoft, Zapier,  and InvisionApp, who are ready to hire freelance graphic designers and web developers for their work.


6. 99Designs

99 Designs freelance Work

99Designs is an another freelance website which outsource graphic design and development jobs to the freelancers.

99Designs is unique among its competitors because it only outsource competitions i.e it help clients to post job and as freelancers starts posting their designs, clients got an opportunity to select the best among different designs and iterations.

For freelancers, it may look challenging but the pay is somewhat starts from $500 to $1000+ for a single logo. There are other competitions including competitions for best branding design, website design, solo graphic designs etc.


7. Dribbble Jobs


Recently, I read the journey of Sebastian Gabriel in which he described that how did he join Google via Dribbble. By reading it, you would surely leave everything and would built up a portfolio instantly to attract companies like Google. [Let me know of your thoughts about the Sebastian’s story..]

Anyways, Dribbble is a portfolio site which is considered to be the best freelance graphic design job seeking platform where clients search and filters out the potential candidate to work for them. The key to land a job at Dribbble is your portfolio. The more your portfolio shines, the more you attract expert designers and companies to hire you.

Dribbble has numerous features including selling your own design goods making it possible to make money directly from your comfort zone. You can also avail offers distributed by different brands from the Dribbble platform which are specially curated by Dribbble team for the designers.

If you are not alone in you business, then collaborate by making a team at Dribbble and get freelance design jobs from large scale companies for multiple work including prototyping, wire-framing, UI designing, illustration and brand marketing design.


8. Behance


Just like Dribbble, Behance is an another portfolio site which is much popular among web/graphic designers and developers hence attracts fortune 500 and other medium sized and small sized businesses to outsource freelance design and development jobs.

Behance by Adobe is by far the greatest competitor of Dribbble and is actually more inclined towards portfolio making i.e why Behance provides great features to setup an attractive portfolio to attract clients.

I was personally contacted by a local design company to work for them for a handsome monthly pay. So, the point is, there is nothing to loose when you just upload the pictures of your latest design and wait for the right client to offer you big.

Behance also have a job portal where clients can reach out for their full-time or seek freelance web design job. So there is ample amount of job opportunities at Behance which not only offers you design jobs to apply but helps you creating a portfolio which can then be shared while applying for a job on another platform or show off on social media to show off your skills and expertise.


9. Linkedin Design/Dev Jobs

Linkedin design jobs

The most under rated freelance design platform is the Linkedin jobs . Linkedin jobs provides numerous filters to search for a particular freelance job. You can filter the job results by experience level, industry, company name, job function and much more.

Linkedin is the most popular platform to interact with companies varying from Fortune-500 companies to a small retail store. A professional alternative to Facebook and a platform to learn and implement by understanding and interacting with different companies in your niche.

Linkedin is a great way to search a client or a freelancer and understand their prospects, experience and learning them before hiring or applying for the job respectively.

If you’re looking for a dream freelance job in a company then Linkedin is the best place to filter out your searches to find the company that suits you well. Linkedin helps you to understand the company’s motives, male to female ratio, working environment, no. of employees, terms and conditions and anything which helps in understanding a company.

This isn’t enough. My personal experience shows that freelance jobs are not restricted to the job portal only, but if you have a well maintained Linkedin profile, this would also attract potential clients and companies to directly contact to you.


10. Design Crowd

Designcrowd for freelance design jobs

DesignCrowd is the most popular freelance competition site after Freelancer.com. It categorizes the freelance jobs into 4 categories i.e print design, web design, corporate identity and graphic design.

DesignCrowd which receives estimated 1M+ views has a large database of about half a million exceptional freelance web/graphic designers to work on various day to day projects posted by numerous small startups and large scale companies.

The competition starts from $150 and usually priced upto $1000 but the platform demands exceptional designers to compete with the giants. Obviously every tree used to be a seed in the beginning. There are other competitions too that offer a little and has a less competition too.

DesignCrowd also provides an opportunity for clients to deal with the freelancers directly via messaging feature.


11. Guru

Guru.com for freelance web design and developing jobs

Just like Upwork, Guru has a large database of about 1.5M freelancers ready to serve for services including web design and graphic design services.

The interface at Guru is simple and elegant. Just a unique experience working in a simple and quiet environment without popups or any other hassle.

One thing that makes Guru different from other platform is that Guru provides an opportunity to the freelancers that they could create their own services and collections so that the clients could quickly reach out to your services and give a quote by the help of Guru match making algorithms.

Guru is the one stop for freelancers and clients to collaborate with multiple tools available. From meeting, collaborating, file sharing and reviewing, everything is really exceptionally quick making it one of the top freelancing jobs outsourcing on the planet.


12. Krop

Krop Design Jobs

If you’re kind of a big deal, then I would recommend Krop without any hesitation.

Krop is a platform which attracts industry giants including Facebook, Adobe, Forbes, NBC, Nike and other Fortune 500 companies. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a remote job or ready to book your flights, Krop helps you to find the best freelance design job for you.

One of the best feature that makes Krop stands out from the crowd is its feature of displaying artwork of portfolios submitted by the rockstar freelance designers at the very platform. Yes, it just need an account of a freelancer and you would have an opportunity to represent yourself as an individual or a brand ready to hire your dream designer/developer.

For clients, Krop makes it easy to search for particular freelancers that really suits the client’s demands. For just a few dollars, Krop help clients to post jobs and help search the database of Krop worth of millions of freelancers ready to serve.


13. Envato Studio

Envato Studio for freelance design jobs

Almost all of us has heard about Themeforest and other Envato products but very few of us would’ve heard of Envato Studio.

Envato studio helps its freelancers at Themeforest, Photodune and other Envato products to directly sell their services explaining about the service which they would be offering, revisions and iterations they would offer with the service and then label the service with a static amount.

Envato studio features great freelancers and their services to potential clients which actually eradicates the freelancer’s classical approach of applying for jobs and let clients to choose from the best services for which they’re looking for.

Service ranges from Logo design, Web programming, Web/Desktop development and much more. Be sure that in order to cast yourself in the Envato Studio, you should have an account at any of the Envato’s market sites.


14. People Per Hour

People Per Hour for Freelance Design Jobs

I pulled out Fiverr from the list and enlisted People per hour as an alternative to it. The reason behind is that People per hour is more dedicated towards quality work rather than the Fiverr which attracts scammers and low quality more than than the passionate freelance graphic designers/ web developers.

People Per Hour is one of the oldest yet an under-rated site for freelancers looking for jobs for freelance graphic designing and web development. The thing which makes People Per Hour unique from other freelance outsource platforms is that it allows freelancers to create their own services and let clients/buyers to buy them in a fix rate.

The prices of each services ranges from $8 to $1000 and more. The freelance work at People Per Hour does only depend upon your thinking, ideas and creativity. The more you attract people from your creative ideas, the more you could succeed at People Per Hour.

People Per Hour has a seamless working system and unlike Fiverr, People Per Hour does play an important role in bringing the clients to a transparent way of working. They allow buyers to reach sellers privately via messaging, allow buyers to post jobs and hire the top proposal list curated by People Per Hour itself.

Uninterrupted messaging system and exceptional work stream to track jobs, messages, tasks and other features are really making a difference among the freelance outsourcing platforms.


15. Indeed Freelance Jobs

indeed jobs

One of the most popular job search engine to find design related jobs is indeed the Indeed.com.

Indeed.com is a search engine that unite job posts from about 1000 of websites and curating them into a single platform. It also allows individual clients and companies to post job at Indeed.com.

The Indeed.com platform offers various features including extensive regional and priority based search filters for clients to search resumes posted by freelancers at the very platform and opportunity for freelancers to search a specific job from a specific company for  a specific pay.

Indeed.com is also accompanied with great features including showcasing the growing trends of jobs, salary trends for specific job keywords and much more.


I hope you enjoyed the article. If you love this, then be sure that you would also love my next article.  Subscribe this blog to get notified.

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of APL and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively.
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  • Natalia Jun 16,2016 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks for this overview! I think you found all well-established freelance job sources but I would like to add another website to your list. freelancermap.com is an international IT-project board where designers can sign up for free and apply for as many projects as they want without limitation or commission fees! It’s also a great option to find web design jobs, here the latest design openings: http://www.freelancermap.com/it-projects/design-4773

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