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How to market your freelance business with a blog


You’re a freelancer, you have something to sell, but how do you market yourself? How do you get people to buy what you’re selling? The trick is to engage your potential clients, and one of the ways to do this is with a blog. Blogs present a unique opportunity to market yourself and your skills any way you’d like. You get to choose what to write about, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and address questions from your customers. There are several tricks to make the most of your blog.


Set a Publishing Schedule

Blogs are a great way to customize content and connect with clients, but that only works if your blog is kept up to date. With the sheer amount of content that is created online every day, only blogs with current content will keep readers’ attention. Decide how often you want to post and then follow the schedule you set for yourself. Consistency is important, so if you tell your followers you’ll post on a certain day, make sure to do so. Write your blog posts ahead of time and schedule a publishing time so your posts will be released automatically regardless of what you’re doing that day.


Know Your Audience

If you’re marketing your skills as a graphic designer, keep your blog post topics about graphic design and related fields. The same goes for whatever field you work in. Keep your posts relevant. If you want to write about your hobbies, family vacation, or other unrelated topics, start a personal blog that is separate from your business blog. If readers are looking for a specific topic only to stumble across pictures of your boat trip, they’ll seek out a different website. Keep your posts professional and on topic. Also, pay attention to what style of posts get the most views and comments. If your readers respond well to question and answer posts, then keep doing them. That being said, do vary your content so that your posts stay fresh and engaging.


Establish Your Expertise

Your blog is your chance to display your skills to potential clients. Demonstrate your abilities and your knowledge so clients can see why they should hire you. With blogs, you aren’t limited by character length or how many pictures you can post. If you establish your expertise using your blog, clients will see that it is worth their time to contact you and will be more likely to hire you for your services. Blogs can serve as a sort of online portfolio for potential clients to browse. If your expert field is graphic design and not writing, you can find someone on Gumtree who could help you with writing, proofreading or editing your posts. Make sure to have a link to your offer or contact form on your blog so interested parties can hire you if they like what they see.


Utilize Social Media

One of the best ways to use blogs is in conjunction with other social media platforms. Notify potential clients of new blog posts by writing out a Twitter or Facebook post explaining the topic of your blog post for that day or week. Social media is also a useful way to find out what readers would be interested in seeing on your blog. Use Facebook, Twitter, or other sites to simply ask what kind of content your readers are interested in, and then follow up on the most popular responses. This will allow you to engage your readers. Using social media accounts will help you stay connected with your readers and clients on the days in between blog posts.

Online marketing is a crucial part of marketing for any business, especially for freelancers, so make sure to utilize every tool available to you, especially blogs.


Emily Burgess is an avid blogger who enjoys writing about all aspects of improving a business, be it marketing, customer service or training. Emily is currently sharing some of her ideas at Course Guru – experts in the field of online education. Personally, she’s a great fan of foreign languages.

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