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How to start your business- survival tips for self-taught web designers

freelance survival tips for web designers

Building any business is tough work, to begin with, so when you add in the fact that you are on your own and you are self-taught it can be even harder. As a Self-taught web designer, you will know that the benefits and rewards of running a successful business from this occupation are magnificent, but it takes a lot to get to there.


Often people who are self-taught might feel slightly intimidated by the effort needed to grow a web designing business as well as the sheer scale of the industry, however, with a few essential survival tips you can get a great start to your business and be well on your way to making a comfortable living. In this article, you will see an easy to follow guide on how to hit the ground running in the world of web design.


Find your niche

Since you are self-taught you will know more than anyone else exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to web design; so play to our strengths. This might seem like obvious advice, but a lot of web designers take on work that they are not good at to build portfolios, gain income and because they think that’s what a web designer should do.


The truth is turning down work that doesn’t play to your strengths works in your favor. Not only does this stop you from letting down clients and damaging relationships this also enables you to carve out your own maker by playing to your specific capabilities. Find your niche and utilize as much as you can.


Have your own website

Having your own website is another seemingly obvious piece of advice but one that is surprisingly overlooked by a lot of people. You have to realize that your work is being hosted in a competitive market and one of the ways to stand out is by having a strong online presence, and that is what a well-made website can do for you.


The best business card at your disposal is a website that highlights your skill and talent as well as your personality.


Blog regularly

Being a successful web designer is all about promotion and few activities are more helpful to self-promotion than blogging. Many web designers got their start as by regularly blogging passionately about web design. Also, having a lot of blogs online that link back to your website boosts your profile which also leads to getting clients.


Get your portfolio up to scratch

There is no better representation of your skill and abilities than your portfolio, it’s also one of the most popular reasons web designers get hired, so having a decent portfolio is crucial. A very helpful thing to do is look at some top web designers portfolios, look at how they present themselves and use adapt that to your own aesthetic.


Pick clients carefully

Once you have put yourself out there, built a decent portfolio and started molding your brand via your website and social media you need to get some clients. The excitement of getting a business up and running often leads people to approach any and all clients. You need to avoid this and pick your clients carefully. Only accept contracts that you are capable of doing and do some research to make sure you are a right fit.


Nurture client relationships

Word of mouth is everything in business; if you worked for a client who didn’t know what they wanted and didn’t pay you on time you wouldn’t advise your web designer friends to contact them right? Well, the same works the other way around. Clients will not recommend you to other companies if you do not do a good job as well communicate in a professional manner. Nurturing relationships with clients directly affects your ability to gain more work so do your best to stay in your client’s good books.


If you want the best possible start to your web designing business follow the tips above and put them into practice as you learn and grow as a web designer.


Jessica Gust is a Marketing Assistant at Localpeek.co.uk– a new postcode finder. She is passionate about new marketing strategies, she is always eager to share her ideas through blogging.

Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed is the co-founder of APL and ProDollars. He helps companies like Flexicom, Zero Defects, Kliir and Blue Artists grow their revenue by his unique web designs. He has also worked for crowd sourcing companies including Odesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. His web design and web development services are most affordable and is dedicated to teach web design beginners and professionals the quality web design tips and business effectively.
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