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Abrar Ahmed - Author of HowFreelanceHi There,

Let me introduce myself first. I am Abrar Ahmed (the only author and owner of this blog). I have completed my college studies and now I am enrolled in a reputed university to learn computer sciences. I am a full-time blogger and a part-time freelancer working for potential clients in designing graphics and websites.

HowFreelance Blog is dedicated to Web Design beginners, Freelancers and Inspiring people. HowFreelance is the best and top one stop resource place where you could find the best web design tips, web 2.0, web and graphic design inspiration, quality interviews and a dedicated freebie section for freebie lovers.

Why are you here?

You probably want to learn about me or wanna ask anything. If you want to ask anything then refer to the contact page. My life turned into glory when I was searching for a reputed university to learn something unique, inspiring and enjoyable. I was rejected by some top universities and I was like yeh lol, how come marks could judge you that how much you are smart and willing to study?? Perhaps, my dedication took me to learn web design concepts and I then started researching on it. I found myself on the edge of glory when I started earning through international clients via freelancing on Odesk.

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